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A mobile has a far smaller screen, which limits the space for design. This is a challenge for app designers, which they overcome by using certain tools such as gestures, animation, color contrast, and space management. Python, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, specialises in creating app designs that are attractive, easy-to-use, and offer every functionality required by the app owner. We develop apps with a strong base of UX/UI designs and seamless operation.

When designing and developing an app, you need to think differently than if you are designing for the web. A smaller screen and shorter attention span of users mean you need a brilliant design with easy navigation. The primary consideration of a user when opening a new app is to quickly understand how to use it. Python believes in creating designs that look great while they are simple enough to understand and navigate quickly.

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App Development – Must Have Features

With a wide variety of devices running on different platforms, a primary consideration for an app developer is to make the app compatible for iOS, Android, and Windows. Our team in Stratford-upon-Avon has years of experience in developing and designing apps that work seamlessly across platforms. Our developers have put their knowledge of app development into creating powerful yet light apps.

Here, we share the essential features of a top mobile app:

  • Single Source: Apps developed uniquely for each different platform become burdensome to manage, and expensive to develop and maintain. A single source app that works perfectly with iOS, Android and Windows makes development and management easy and inexpensive
  • Lightening Fast: An app needs to have both powerful in the front end and backend server software. It must be able to download fast and operate at lightning fast speeds.
  • Customisation: To make an app truly user-friendly, app developers allow customisation of certain features such as changing of skin, prioritising, etc.
  • Analytics: For timely and successful updating of an app, it is a must to have relevant information about what users want. Therefore, a top app incorporates analytics so that user behaviour can be known and analysed.

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What Really Makes an App Great?

Python, shares the top features that separates a good app from a great app:

  • User-Specific Design: Research into your target users is important to know exactly what kind of people will be using the app. A BBC app, for example, is very different from the AC Milan app. Depending upon who your users are, the design of the app needs to be created to suit user needs and expectations.
  • Usefulness: The purpose of an app is to provide the user with information, entertainment, and/or facilitate certain actions (paying bills, booking tickets, etc.) After finding out what specific purposes the app must meet, it needs to be designed to fulfil those purposes.
  • Easy Navigation: A user does not want to waste time in finding out how to get to the information they are looking for. The most wanted items should take the prime position on the home screen. Simple designs that provide usefulness and easy navigation are key in the make up of a great app.
  • Updates: To keep an app alive, the performance of an app should be monitored, measured and improved. An app that keeps its place despite a growing crowd of apps will need to be constantly improved upon. Today, app designing and development is a continuous process, where apps are updated regularly for a better user experience.
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