C++ – What is it & What Does it Do?

C++ is an object-oriented programming language that is used to develop websites, games, databases and much more. An extension of the C language, it can be used for both low-level operations and high-level advanced programming. Our team here at Python uses C++ for building feature-full, bespoke websites. It allows our developers to implement advanced features to a website that make it engaging and attractive.

It has a variety of useful features, including scalability, speed, reliability and flexibility that collectively  gives developers a huge amount of control and freedom. C++ is so versatile that it has been used by some of the biggest developers in the world to build games, websites, applications and software. It is high performing, reliable and fast. What more could you need.


What is C++?

C++ is a general purpose programming language that allows object oriented programming. It runs perfectly on any major operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and UNIX. It is considered a middle-level language because it facilitates both low-level languages and also high level scripting. Developers at Python use C++ because of its versatility, speed, scalability, and tons of other wonderful features. Thanks to C++ we have built many professional, highly customised websites for a number of clients.

We have a lot to thank the programming language for, the majority of games, web applications and databases we all use are built using C++. Furthermore, It has been used to develop popular applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and even the software used in MRI machines can be scripted in C++.

What is C++ Used For?

Below, Python shares some of the top ways in which you can use C++.  Its speed, scalability, flexibility and compatibility have contributed to make it a widely used language.

  1. Website Development – C++ allows developers to build entire websites written on just C++. You can develop highly advanced websites and also simple web pages using this language. As it is highly scalable, it allows effortless handling of resource intensive websites as well.
  2. Game Development – Due to its excellence in resource management and speed, it is the preferred language for building games. It can also be used for scripting CPU intensive functions.
  3. Web Applications – C++ can be used to develop highly complex applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Abode predominantly uses C++ to build its widely used digital designing apps.
  4. 3D and Advanced Graphics – Its speed and flexibility make it the preferred choice for the creation of high-performance 3D software and various other advanced graphic programmes.
  5. Software Development – C++ is used in scripting software. Be it software for an MRI machine or a banking company, it can be built using C++.

Top Features of C++

How does C++ make such a wide variety of operations possible? C++ not only supports object-oriented programming, but also general purpose and procedural programming.

Now we know what C++ can be used for, our team at Python, Stratford-Upon-Avon shares some of the languages top features:

  • Versatile: C++ is powerful because it has a wide variety of controls and decision-making choices.
  • Case Sensitive: It is a case sensitive programming language where upper case and lower case mean different commands.
  • Object-Oriented: C++ is an object-oriented language and allows encapsulation, data hiding, inheritance and polymorphism.
  • Platform Dependent: As C++ is platform dependent, you need to develop and execute on the same operating system.
  • Easy to Learn: It is relatively easier to learn and understand, as it is written in plain English.
  • Portable: C++ executables are not portable because it is a compiled language. However, there is complete compiler portability.


As mentioned before, programmers all around the world use C++ to develop various applications, websites, games and software. It offers the flexibility, support and reliability that developers so cherish.

Our developers at Python, Stratford-upon-Avon have utilised C++ to develop bespoke websites for numerous clients, with the aim to revolutionising their web presence. As C++ provides great control, speed and efficient use of resources, it has helped us to develop feature-full, highly customised websites. Along with JavaScript and HTML, C++ is fundamental to our web design process.

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