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So, you’re looking for an employer branding agency in London. That much is obvious, it’s the reason you’re here. And I’m guessing that you already have a pretty good idea of what employer branding is and why it’s so important. Which is great, it means we can get straight to the point. And the point is that we are the top choice employer branding agency in London specifically for organisations in your line of business.

How do we know that? Well, let me explain.

But before we go any further…

If you do want us to explain exactly what employer branding is and why it’s so important, or you’d simply like to read about our methods, we have a great resource about employer branding for you here.

Why WE ARE PYTHON is the best employer branding agency in London for you

I’m not going to throw a load of statistics at you proving how important a solid employer branding strategy is. You probably already know the ways in which it boosts things like productivity, employee engagement and staff retention rates. As I said above, if you want to know the general ins and outs we’ve put together a separate guide about effective employer branding (link above) so it’s easier to digest. Instead, in this article, I’m simply going to tell you why our strategies and methods work.

Why do I say are we the best choice for organisations in your line of business? How do we even know what your line of business is? Well, we don’t. But we pride ourselves on our diverse team and our experience working with a huge variety of clients. We spend the time to learn about your needs and combine that knowledge with the knowledge we’ve gained working with unique brands who demand unique solutions to their problems. Our team has been put together based on the diverse skillsets and contrasting backgrounds each individual brings to the table. Which means we are in a great position to adapt to your company’s needs.

We have grown incredibly fast

And our growth can be put down to the success our clients are having. We now have two offices, one in London and the second in Stratford-upon-Avon. Some of our recent projects have enabled us to work with a number of iconic UK brands such as Holland and Barrett and Showtime Live.

We trade off our reputation.

Which is why we care about our clients’ continued success long after each project has finished.

WE ARE PYTHON office in Stratford-upon-Avon

Our recent expansion has allowed us to become the sole occupants of The Old Toll House, a 204-year-old grade 1 listed building in Stratford-upon-Avon. – The Stratford Observer

We spend time learning about your company

We don’t just talk to our clients about where they want to be in the future, we spend time talking about where they are now. In our experience, it’s a step that a lot of other employer branding agencies skip over too quickly. Everything from your employees to your internal marketing materials (if any) can help us build a picture of where you’re at when it comes to your current employer brand strategy. Rushing to build something before you have laid solid foundations is never a good idea.

We will create a unique employee value proposition based on what we’ve learnt

So you can offer something that the competition can’t.

Talent attraction is a huge part of employer branding. We’ll study the competition and ensure you’re offering something unique to entice people who are at the top of their game to work for you. What makes your business unique? Why should people want to work for you? What can you offer an employee that goes beyond a salary? These are all questions you might already know the answer to, but it’s our goal to help you offer even more value to the people who work for you. When it comes to recruitment marketing and branding, our strategies will create that extra value.

Employer branding examples

Below are just a few examples of what we can create for your business. They are an example of what your branded internal promotional material could look like. Our design team will work closely with you to understand your current public branding and the approach you would like to take when it comes to your employer branding.

An example of what we can do as an employer branding agency in London

An example of a branded internal newsletter (left) and magazine (right) – © WE ARE PYTHON LTD.

Review and feedback page example

Example of an employee feedback page – © WE ARE PYTHON Ltd.

But as we’ve demonstrated with our focus on creating unique employee value propositions, our employer branding philosophy goes beyond just creating internal promotional materials. In the example below, we have taken inspiration from the success of professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. We developed our own internal employee portal/forum that can be customised, both visually and in functionality, to your liking. Employees have the chance to evaluate their progress within the company, set goals, communicate with each other and management as well as receive important information all under one roof. We believe our internal forum encourages engagement between employees and increases transparency within your organisation.

Internal digital platform profile page example

What the employee profile page of our platform could look like for your company – © WE ARE PYTHON Ltd.

New conversation page example

What starting a new team conversation could look like – © WE ARE PYTHON Ltd.

We will listen to what the people who really matter think. Your employees…

After all, employer branding is all about them.

Constant reviews will take place to assess the effectiveness of the plan we put in place. You may be the captain who has the final say about which route we take going forward, but it’s your team who holds the answers as to whether it’s working or not. We are a data-driven company, which means we base our level of success on cold hard statistics. Anonymous email surveys, analysis of employee retention rates, monitoring brand mentions on social media are all tools we use to make sure the ship stays on course.

WE ARE PYTHON – Your employer branding agency in London

You can learn how to set yourself apart from the competition as an employer today by calling our London office on 02080 165 981 or emailing [email protected]. After the initial consultation, our team will put together a custom no-obligation proposal. The proposal will formulate the first draft of our plan which will then be refined if you want to proceed.

We relish the challenge of doing jobs that others would turn down. So no matter what you have in mind, get in touch!

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