Employer Branding

We all need employer branding!

No matter how big or small your company is, we all need employer branding as employees are the spine of any business. They help it to thrive, grow and achieve.

With Python being a modern and innovative digital marketing agency. We understand that your company doesn’t need to just sell its service or product, it also needs to sell itself. This is where employer branding comes in. The best companies around the world are transparent and tell a story through every stage of their company. In today’s competitive market this is essential to bringing in the top talent possible.

The best employees want the best workplace.

Who do we want to employ?

Great employees are priceless and that’s the reason these individuals are known to the company as “talent.”

Workers come in abundance, but a truly indispensable employee is rare. Great talent can take a team from falling short of targets to smashing them with ease. So how do we attract these types of employees? Simple, if you want to demonstrate what’s good about working for you then let those who work for you do the talking.


When aiming to showcase your company’s work environment to potential employees, positive reviews will boost your brands external image, but what if those reviews don’t exist.

Firstly, you need to make those happy that are already working for you. Employer branding starts with a company looking at themselves as this is their selling point. Similarly to how businesses engage with their customers. The branding of employees allows them to feel valued within their role, further increasing their engagement with the organisation’s aims.

Who is more important than your employees? Employees are there everyday and experience everything that happens within your company, so listen to them.

Also, have you ever wondered where potential employees look where they want to find out about your company? It is essential to establish an ongoing outreach to current employees. Communication is usually a train-wreck when it comes to employer branding and brand advocacy. A stream of communication can help a company gain feedback into how current employees are feeling towards the work environment. Reviews are essential for both internal and external branding. Sites such as Glass Door & Career Bliss can be used to compile all these reviews together, in turn generating an external employer image for potential employees to see. Create the best brand image to recruit the best talent.


We’ve all heard of company reviews and employee statements.

However, this isn’t the best way to gain an insight into a company. Reviews do not usually go into much depth and it’s usually only one person’s view. Why not try giving your employees the opportunity to produce a company video. A well made video can give a far more in depth view of a company’s inner workings at any level of the company but great company culture videos tell great stories. Using the power of video can help your current, prospective and new employees understand how their job will make a difference. Both in your Company’s journey, in the lives of your customers, and in the community around you.

The traditional approach is no longer enough to maintain a competitive advantage when it comes to recruitment. Companies need to take advantage of the recent advancements in online and mobile technology. The 25-34 (millennial) age group watches the most online video content, with a great deal watching employment related videos. Thus, providing a content avenue that employers should be using to attract the greatest and freshest employees out of the talent pool.

Up to 80% of CEOs from the 50 largest companies around the globe are now engaging on social media, up from only 36% in 2010. A CEO’s presence within a video can reinforce the character of your brand by tying it to a personality. Adding a layer of authenticity and breaking down any potential barriers, ultimately creating an appealing insight into the company. High level videos can be used for multiple avenues such as recruitment as well as both internal and external branding.

Social Media

Why stop at video? Social media is our friend. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users. Targeted content can help find your next employee amongst this number. Advertisements containing content which is streamlined for target talent pools can prove more beneficial when acquiring top talent rather than throwing out content and seeing what works. Your social media content should focus on outlining who your company is. As well as, what is expected from employees, your company’s goals and the importance of your employees. Thanks to digital tools today such as Sprout and Hootsuite, companies can use a combination of analytics and survey data, to find the strongest performing platform for them to use when advertising to desired talent pools. However, that content still needs to be relevant and give the audience an insight into the company.

Most ‘employee branding’ tends to be completely out of context, giving no insight into what the company is, what it does or how the company is a great place to work. Your employees may have a huge following online but aimless content will not benefit your company. Audiences tend to ignore work content they have no real affiliatiion with.

How to help your employees

It is time for us to educate our employees, not control what they are posting. Let’s give them the aim of providing more context when posting and who to aim this content atand if there is anything you really want to show off about then why not create a hashtag and get everyone involved in posting about it. By highlighting a specific event you want everyone talking about then it gives an audience various different viewpoints of the event and builds context as you will bring all your content to one place by using the hashtag.

These little tricks can help to make or break a branding campaign.

Targeted Content

Why not take this a step further? Try creating dedicated social media channels that have been created purely to promote the employer brand.

Do you have a new employee starting? Why not get them to document their first day. Techniques such as this can help those looking in at your company to gain a very natural and in depth look at your company’s environment. This further insight could be the decider for potential employees when deciding whether they want to work for you or your competitors.

Your Social Media image

LinkedIn is usually the main platform to use when targeting potential employees as its primary audience is made up of prospective talent and thought leaders. This is the gold mine for talent that you should really be tapping into!

Your image is everything. The LinkedIn profiles of the company’s HR leaders and employees need to be polished. It may prove as a deterrent to potential employees if they can’t find anything about you or the content they find isn’t informative. We don’t want that, we’re trying to improve the employer branding image.

However, even though generating a substantial presence on LinkedIn is all well and good. Incorrectly advertised jobs won’t be targeting the right audience. Over 55% of open job opportunities within the top 50 companies worldwide aren’t advertised online which means there is huge potential to get your jobs opportunities noticed. LinkedIn is a platform crying out for this sort content, so get to it! It is crucial for potential talent to see available roles otherwise they will never be able to apply. If they can’t apply then they can’t join and potentially make a difference in your business.


We know its not easy

Listen, we aren’t going to give away every one of our tips or tricks otherwise we’d be put out of business! We are simply introducing you to a fraction of the steps we recommend you take when improving your employer brand. The whole process can seem daunting and yes, even us, the experts at creating employer brands, are still learning everyday! If you would like to find out any more information about employer branding or you need a helping hand, we are always here. Feel free to get in touch at [email protected] Likewise, find out what else you can do to help your company’s image at www.wearepython.com

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