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90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual – that is why design is a vital ingredient to online business success. Of all our senses, we depend on our sight the most. That holds the key to why a design can create a stronger impact than words.

Take Nike for example. It has a simple sign as the brand logo, but its very simplicity is its strength. You recognise that sign. You say Nike when you see it. Our designers at Python, Stratford-upon-Avon see the power of a perfect design. They create graphic designs that communicate your brand to your customers and keep it fresh in their minds.

Brand Recognition Through Design

A large number of businesses sell their products online, but do they have a strong brand image? You can find the answer yourself by recalling companies particular to an industry. How many soft drink companies can you recall?

What customers mostly recall when remembering a brand is a design – the red coca-cola logo, the images of athletes in Nike ads, the M of McDonalds. Designs help a company create a memorable image in people’s minds that they associate with that company. Just a unique font and a specific colour can create an exceptional brand logo. It doesn’t even have to spell out the company name. Just the symbol suffices.

At Python, we work to build and promote your brand image through design. With their comprehensive knowledge of graphic designing and branding, our designers can create distinctive designs that associate well with your business’s brand image.

Communicate with your Customers Visually

Designs communicate best with your customers because the human brain processes visual data better than text. Anybody, whether educated or not, can understand symbols, designs and pictures. In fact, when creating a brand image, less words and more images are always better. A design that is well-made can communicate a lot to a customer – emotions, message and brand quality. With good designs, a company can build brand reputation and gain the trust of customers.

Python creates designs that speak of professionalism, quality and creativity. Depending upon the client’s requirements, our designers create designs that are not only attractive, but also bring about the desired emotional response in viewers.

Technology we use to Create Graphics

Apart from the creativity of our designers, we use latest technology to create beautiful, memorable graphic designs. Software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Adobe InDesign provide good support to our designers. But a tool is only as good as the person whose hands it’s in. The experience and expertise of our designers allows them to build striking designs specific to the requirements of the client. Whether you want a brand logo designed or an advertisement design, Python is always available for help.


Our Designs Mirror Your Brand

One of our usual practices is to know your business first. That’s because everything we build for your brand should gravitate towards your brand image – be it the designs, the logo, the tagline, or your website. Knowing your business helps our designers to develop content that in some subtle or obvious way reminds customers about your brand.

Usually, the purpose of design is to mirror brand image in a subtle yet noticeable way. The unique orange-yellow Amazon uses in its logo is also used in the search bar of their website, in cart numbers and in their rating stars. Not many users notice it, but it helps to create a unified brand image, something that users will remember. Our designs aim to create your brand and unify your content. We use subtle effects that help your customers to recall your brand even when they are not in contact with your business

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Engage Your Customers with Our Designs

A buyer might be reluctant to read a thousand words, but will look at pictures. Images do not burden the mind and are attractive. Using designs, you can engage your customers irrespective of their social class, age group and educational background. Everybody can understand an image, though in different ways. Designers at Python makes use of the power of design to keep customers engaged.

A visitor to a business website can easily lose interest if they do not find anything immediately engaging. However, through unique, entertaining and informative designs, we hook on visitors and lead them to explore more. As long as a visitor is successfully engaged, the business is winning.

If you feel the need to get one or several graphic designs made, contact Python, web design Stratford-upon-Avon. We are a friendly team with an abundance of experience in the industry; we can help you get that design right.

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