Javascript – Adding Interactivity to your Website

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language used bring interactive functions to a website. Whether it is animation, different responses to button clicks or 3D graphics; JavaScript makes it all achievable. It is a flexible language that allows you to bring interactive elements onto a web page thereby making a website more attractive and useful to the userl. Developers at Python, Stratford-upon-Avon, use JavaScript to create fantastic interactive graphics and layouts that enrich any website’s design.


What is Javascript?

Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a giant of the web. It is used by almost every website. Supported by all browsers, it doesn’t require any plug-ins to work unlike flash that requires a flash plugin. Though JavaScript is a very useful creative medium, it is not easy to learn. Python, a reputed design and development establishment, uses JavaScript to create tailor-made interactive designs and animations that make a website more professional and engaging.

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Features of Javascript

JavaScript is very flexible, as with it you can alter the very structure of any web page at runtime. However, Javascript has many other functions and positive feature. Here, we share some of the most-loved features of JavaScript.

  • Flexibility: JavaScript can also be used with non-web-based elements such as PDF and widgets. Developers have come up with various tools that work with JavaScript to provide more flexibility and freedom to create.
  • Complete Control: It allows you to add any kind of interactive elements to a web page thereby giving you full control of how you want an element to behave. For example, a button when clicked can be made to turn on an animation, take the user to another page, change color and text, and so on.
  • Platform Customised: As JavaScript detects which browser and operating system a user is using, you can customise operations based on browser type. Be it any browser, JavaScript runs on it without the need for any plugin.
  • Handles Date & Time: With JavaScript, you can add elements that are specific to date and time. For example, if you want to display ‘Good morning’ to users across the world when it is morning in their part of the world, you can do that with JavaScript.
  • Adds Interactivity: It not only makes a web page interactive, but also gives users the freedom to use certain elements such as expand a page in any direction or change the font of a text. It allows developers unrestricted freedom to create lively objects and elements on a page.

Javascript Web Developers in Stratford-upon-Avon

Invented in 1995 by Brendan Eich, JavaScript is today used by almost every developer. It is one of the core languages that is a must-know for any developer. For years Python has been designing and developing completely bespoke websites for clients and it is this experience that has given us the opportunity to explore, use and experience the usefulness of JavaScript. Using this language along with HTML and CSS, our developers have created highly customised websites, made lively with animations and effects that users love.

As JavaScript can also transmit information about a user’s browsing and reading behaviors, businesses can customise functions according to a user’s preferences. The usefulness of JavaScript has made it the most popular coding language, widely used by developers. Our developers at Python, Stratford-upon-Avon, find Javascript the most useful as it provides us with the freedom to create a completely custom web page exactly as intended.

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