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We understand that re-branding, designing a new website or starting a new media campaign is a big commitment. There are so many big and small decisions to make, technicalities to consider – all to make your brand look unique, memorable and professional. At Python, Stratford-upon-Avon, we thoroughly research your target market and products/services to provide you with the branding that echoes your industry, is easily retained in the mind’s of your customers, and has the uniqueness and professionalism of a reputed name.

Why Brand Image Matters

A clear, positive brand image forms the foundation upon which successful companies expand and progress. Every time a customer recognises or comes into contact with your business, your brand image is the first thing they see. This creates the first impression of your business in a customer’s mind. The more professional a brand looks, the more trust people have in it. That means a buying decision heavily rests upon how good your brand looks and feels. Python has worked on re-building the brand image of many businesses across industries, and know from experience how re-branding a business increases sales substantially.

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How we Work on Your Branding

Good branding connects your products to your brand logo, packaging, the look of your physical store, and your website/online store. A customer should be able to immediately recognise your brand from anything connected to it, be it a mere automated email. At Python, Stratford-upon-Avon, we begin working on your branding by learning about your products/services. To give you an edge in branding, we also research your competition.

Create Your Company’s Visual Identity

Even alterations in the company logo can sometimes cause a drastic change in customer’s perception of a business. It’s essential that your visual identity projects a consistent and distinctive image of your company. Choosing the design and colours that relate to the products and the industry is essential to build the right brand image

The Impact of Rebranding

In a complete re-branding, we work on a business’s website, logo, brand tagline, design and more. These elements when developed properly can revolutionise a company’s brand image. The professional and unique look and feel of a business hikes sales, gains loyal customers, improves brand reputation, and enhances customer retention. Even small businesses can transform their brand image by changing a few important visual elements. Branding doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive, time-consuming affair. It has to be the right change, not always a big change.

Your Potential Customers are Waiting

A re-branding campaign that is targeted towards your potential customers can bring in results almost immediately. If a product is only used by young women, its re-branding will be entirely different from a product used by older women. Differences such as gender, location, age group, vocation, social status, and educational background allow companies to target their marketing efforts. Branding vaguely is a big mistake because it takes your brand to a very limited number of potential customers while wasting resources. Therefore, an important step in re-branding is to first research into the target market, and then build the re-branding campaign around it.

Maintaining Consistency in Branding

When you are altering the branding of your company, you need to maintain consistency in your media presences, including your social media channels. How your brand feels on your website should feel the same way on Facebook and Twitter as well. To maintain consistency, we take care of using the same voice, colours, fonts, and image types across all platforms.

Economical Branding

No matter how small your business, you can get the right branding without spending a fortune. We analyse a business’ current branding and suggest changes only where they are needed. Many times, instead of re-branding entirely, it is preferable to alter minute elements. Generous changes might sometimes be counter-productive because customers relate a visual identity of a company. Finer enhancements that look fresh, but do not destroy the current branding of a company may give better rewards in certain cases.

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Python – Branding in Stratford-upon-Avon

Python, web design Stratford-upon-Avon, offers branding services that create the correct brand image of your business. Whether you need a simple logo design or complete re-branding, Python provides you with the best solution for your business.

All our websites and re-branding packages are constructed according to each client’s exact requirements, which mean they benefit from a flexible, bespoke solution that grows with their business. Python works with a client at every step, keeping them aware of the changes made and how it will help them to gain more customers and increase sales. Give your business the look and feel of a successful enterprise – call us now.

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