Holland & Barrett

Holland and Barrett came to us for branding, creative conception and content creation for the launch of their new product initiative, alongside ongoing advertising collateral.

The Objective

Holland and Barrett is renown globally for being a leading high street health store. They are the market leaders for health, alternative medicine and supplements. When they came to us, they were in the midst of launching a brand new product that needed to gain maximum exposure and recognition.

They tasked us with the creative conception of their new product initiative—Healthbox. Secondary to that, our objective was to create their marketing content for distribution channels via their social media platforms.

Visual Identity & Strategy

Content Creation 

The Process

Imagine. Research. Create.

The health and wellness space is a trillion dollar industry worldwide. With such a large amount of global competition and so many health companies offering supplements and medicines; it was imperative that Holland and Barrett's new product be eye-catching and distinguish itself from its competitors.

When creating new concepts for Healthbox, our focus was on how we could achieve our goals through strategy, branding, what customers want and how that would enable us to provide a clear solution to Holland and Barrett's customers. Since we pride ourselves on determining what consumers want by leveraging data, we worked closely with the social teams of Holland and Barrett to understand the direction to take concepts and which way to steer the brand to gain the largest amount of exposure for their products.

We created a vast quantity of advertising collateral to ensure their presence on social media was in the best possible position to attract new customers and most importantly, convert them.

We created top of the funnel content for Healthbox, such as artwork and imagery for their campaigns to be distributed internationally. We understand that attention is the biggest commodity of this day and age. If we're able to grab the attention of the audience, then we have successfully accomplished our goal.

We believe that the content should encapsulate the core values of Holland and Barrett as a health company but still maintain a youthful and fun feel to appeal to the Millennial demographic.


The Result

Engage. React. Convert.

Upon the launch of Healthbox, our concepts were used globally to boost brand recognition and fortify the footing of Healthbox in the nutritional market.

In addition, we created engaging content for thousands of products. Our goal was to encourage advert engagement and conversion, by bringing graphic pieces to life. We produced marketing content and optimised it to suit multiple online channels, whilst making sure to compliment Holland and Barrett’s branding for their new and existing product ranges.

We understand any advertising campaign needs to utilise multiple channels and avenues to be as effective as possible. It needs to generate a visual identity that can be easily associated with a product and in conjunction, a campaign that shows continuity across a company’s existing brand.

Our content creation and visual strategy helped to launch an initiative that swept the UK, resulting in 21,000 active subscriptions per month. Furthermore, the artwork and designs that we created were used globally to attract consumer's attention and convert them into paying customers. Thus creating an impressive new revenue stream for Holland and Barrett.

Holland and Barrett were elated with our diligence and meticulous efforts to understand their client’s needs and behaviours before starting the design process. We successfully aligned ourselves clearly with the image they had envisioned.

It was thanks to these efforts that we were able to create powerful, thought-provoking and emotionally engaging advertising material and supporting content. Our content achieved its primary aim of creating awareness for the new Healthbox product, gaining traffic for their website and ultimately generating e-commerce conversions for a wide range of products.