Venturi Group

Venturi came to us to give their digital appearance a makeover, alongside increasing traffic to their site and improving search engine rankings.

The Objective

Voted as one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in the UK, USA and Germany, it was imperative Venturi had a website that reflected their achievements and was efficiently optimised to ensure traffic was reaching them. It was also fundamentally important that the site was implemented with the latest recruitment software technology to allow for a smooth and efficient work process.

From simple design changes to a complete overhaul of their backend systems and integrations with various platforms, we started by giving Venturi a facelift to bring them into the forefront of digital design, and ensured the site was optimised for the best UX for both, candidates and employers.

Web Design & Development

Speed & Performance Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Software Integration

The Process

Research. Build. Optimise.

Venturi are a dominant player in the IT recruitment sphere and wanted to maintain their place as one of the leading recruitment agencies in the IT field. Despite being an established recruitment agency, the company were facing issues in ranking on search engines due to a lack of Search Engine Optimisation.

Our first port of call was to do a complete SEO Audit to assess and evaluate any errors on their current website. This would enable us to devise an inbound marketing strategy to improve discoverability and brand recognition. After completing the Audit, we grew the authority of their website through long-tail keywords, off-site promotion and digital PR.

As a recruitment leader, they wanted to stand out against other recruiters in the IT sector and to do so, they wanted a website that was going to make an impression on their recruitment clients and customers alike.

We conducted a UX/UI audit to evaluate how we could improve the user experience by creating maps of the customer-web journey. We leveraged analysed data to find common behavioural patterns and carried out usability tests, based on developing scenarios; such as heat maps, eye tracking and EEG snapshot

The Venturi website was in need of modernisation and by using our gathered data, we redesigned the website to drastically improve the overall look, boost engagement and to lower bounce rates. This also called for software integration to improve the recruitment process and overall workflow.

We work consistently to improve and develop the UX/UI for Venturi by optimizing CTA engagement and ensuring SEO rankings and domain authority is at its highest.


The Result

Beautifully Simple. Powerfully Complex.

The companies that we partner with share our stance on professionalism and as a result the sleek, modern website that we provided Venturi with has a professional look, feel and interface. The redesigned website helps them to better convey their vision and values to their prospective clients.

The website isn't just aesthetically pleasing, we decided the website should emphasise the personality of the brand, as opposed to looking like another, impersonal corporate website, in a sea of websites.

We wanted the website to be as efficient as it is eye-catching, in comparison to Venturi's previous website. The new website was built for speed and performance. With an exponential increase in both, scoring A for both tests and accomplishing loading times of under a second.

After completing our full technical SEO and UX/UI Audit, we were able to aid Venturi in reaching various number one spots in SERPs for highly competitive IT recruitment search terms and we currently work to maintain these prominent positionings.

We increased conversion rates and lowered bounce rates for landing pages. We also accomplished our results by forcing users to engage more with Venturi through the website. We added CTAs to the website to entice job seeking applicants and for recruiters to easily get in touch.

Online reputation is everything; building a bond of trust between brand and audience is imperative for there to be an exchange. We reinforced the credibility of Venturi by implementing Trustpilot reviews across the website to solidify trust from B2B and B2C web visitors.