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Top Tech Trends to Look Out For in 2020

When it comes to technology, the world is moving forward at the speed of light. We have advanced more in the last 50 years than we have in the last 10,000. Just 25 years ago camera phones had yet to be invented, touch screens seemed like something out of Star Trek and Siri hadn’t been born.

Today we all carry the entire world’s information in our pockets, to be called upon whenever we need it using a device that would have been called the devil’s work by my grandmother. 

And what do we do with this miracle device? We use it to prove we are right in the pub on a Friday night. Ok, so watching cats be cats is great too.

Exaggerating? Yes. Maybe.

We take it for granted, but even something as simple as unlocking your phone using nothing but your fingerprint or a scan of your face was the stuff of science fiction only a few years ago. 

So if we’ve come this far in the last 50 years, what will the next 50 bring? 

Well, I think it’s fair to say nobody knows. 

I mean, could you have predicted the internet was going to become as essential to life as the air we breath 50 years ago? No. And that great invention now seems rather primitive compared to some of the other technological advances humankind has made a reality.

But what we can do is take an educated guess at what will surely become yesterday’s news in 2020. 

The Internet of Things (IoT)

So far the Internet of Things hasn’t really made an impact on, well, anyone really. If we’re being honest for a moment, do you really care if you can adjust the temperature of your fridge while you’re laying on a beach on holiday? 

Probably not. 

Internet of Things

But like all innovations, there are limited use cases in the beginning. A proof of concept is just that. Proof it works. 

There will always be early adopters.

But did you rush out and buy (the world’s most expensive domain name) when Tim Berners-Lee announced the creation of the World Wide Web (the regular internet to you and me) back in 1991? 

People are going to find ways of utilising the IoT for more practical things in 2020.

Urban communities are investigating how the IoT can prompt better proficiency and security. Transportation, city planning and infrastructure will all benefit from a more connected world. Traffic flow and monitoring can be made more efficient by different sensors communicating with each other.

Wireless charging

Again, like the IoT, wireless charging for most everyday users has been relegated to rather mundane things. Mobile phones and electric toothbrushes mainly. 

Wireless charging is nothing new. Nikola Tesla developed a primitive wireless charging mechanism in the 1800s. But the inability to do it efficiently and safely has stunted its adoption. 

Wireless Charging

Now the idea of wireless charging is going through a resurgence thanks to the smartphone generation. What companies like Apple and Samsung are developing, Tesla is perfecting. 

Ok, so charging your phone simply by placing it on a charging pad is great. Even convenient and practical. 

But imagine a world where electric cars are the norm (more on this in a minute) and charging pads are built into the road’s surface at traffic lights. You stop at a red light and your car starts recharging. 

That’s something that Tesla (the company) are working on right now and, knowing Elon, could well become reality sooner rather than later. 

And that’s just the beginning.

The sight of cables protruding from wall sockets is going to become as archaic as TV remotes attached to the TV via cables. 

Electric vehicles

To date, 10 countries have passed laws stating that the sale of all new gasoline and diesel vehicles will be totally banned. These laws are planned to come into force anywhere between 2021 (Costa Rica) and 2040 (UK, China and France). 

The future is electric and there’s nothing anybody can do to change that. 

That’s why, in the next few years, almost every car manufacturer on the planet will be investing heavily in electric vehicle R&D.

In 2020 a whole host of new models are being released, from the Aston Martin Rapide E to the brand-new-for-2020 Tesla roadster that will be able to do 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds. 

But car companies aren’t only focusing on new models. Advances in battery technology are what will really push the industry forward next year. Coupled with wireless charging, we will see the range of electric cars exceed that of gasoline and diesel cars. 


How could we talk about tech trends without mentioning the B-word? 


After all, if an ice tea company can inflate its stock price by jumping on the bandwagon, it has to be something the public, at the very least, are mildly enthusiastic about. 

And before you skip this section, the other B-word has little relevance in this article and the development of blockchains in 2020. So don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a rehash of your friend Dave’s lecture on buying Bitcoin. 

In its simplest form, a blockchain is a trustless record keeping mechanism.

In other words, it’s a way of record keeping that doesn’t require anyone or any entity to be trusted with being honest. When you spend money using your bank card, your bank is telling the merchant you have enough money in your account to buy whatever it is you’re buying. 

A blockchain doesn’t require anyone to do that. Everyone knows what you have because it’s visible on the public ledger. A ledger that absolutely nobody is able to tamper with. Any further explanation is outside of the scope of this article (and I’d risk sounding like your friend Dave) but just trust me when I say people can’t tamper with the records inside a blockchain. 

The ways this technology can be used stretches far beyond just money though.

It can be used to digitally sign things online that would prove, without a doubt, that you signed it. Tracking goods around the world and knowing with 100% certainty where they are. Copyright protection and event ticketing are also industries this emerging tech can be applied to. 

2020 is going to see companies implementing blockchains in more ways than we can currently imagine. 

Final words on tech trends in 2020

The next year is going to bring with it new and exciting technology that changes our world forever. 

It’s an exciting time and I personally can’t wait to see what the next game-changing product will be. All thanks to our seemingly unstoppable quest for more and more advanced technology. 

While it probably won’t happen in 2020, I might be reading this article back one day and reminiscing on a simpler time from my bubble on Mars thinking…

“if only you knew…”

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